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New Home Builds

Forst is recognized as a Preimiere Custom Homebuilding in NJ. Having built hundreds of new homes over the years. Forst specializes in the crazy, no idea is too much or out of reach. From home theaters, golf simulators, hidden doors, basement ice rinks, and so on. Forst can make your ideas a reality.

Forst also offers a great value. Forst aims to help their customers get the most out of their dollar. Often early on in the project Forst can provide many value engineering alternatives and options to the customer to help their project become a reality.

The homes we build will be here long after us. So we always try to do the right thing. Including recommending and providing products that reduce long term maintenance, making your home easier and more cost effective to care for.


Sometimes a space needs to be brought up to modern standards, whether that’s an outdated bathroom, an old galley kitchen, or even an entire home. Forst ensures these types of projects are done right, and in a timely fashion.

Forst leverages it’s long standing relationships with suppliers and manufacture’s to provide their customers with incredible discounts and guidance.

Forst also provides exception dust protection on projects, including commercial grade air scrubber’s to help reduce the impact our dust when customers decide to live through a renovation.


Our teams experience and expertise truly makes our products unmatched. Believe it or not, additions are tricky, often times much trickier than a new custom home. Many architects rely on our expertise to provide details and specs on underpinning, bulkheading, flashing details and more.

Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor spaces are an important part of your home. Forst has lots of experience with pools, decks, patios, and more. We work hand in hand with architects and landscape designers to provide our customers with breathtaking and practical outdoor space.

Value Engineering

Sometimes estimates come back over budget, or a project someone wants to do is just a bit out of their reach. With Forst’s understanding of many different products and procedures, Forst can help their customers value engineer a project to fit within their budget.

Sometime’s this is by changing a specification such as windows, siding, or roofing, and that doesn’t always mean an inferior product. Sometimes the savings come on the finish end too, such as going from a full custom kitchen to a high end semi-custom kitchen, or leverage Forst’s purchasing power when it comes to products like tile and others.

Between a multitude of options Forst can often help make our customers dream’s a reality.

Smart Homes

The future is here. Over the past few years Forst has began to implement smart home features on may homes. Including things like voice activated blinds, remote door access systems, smart cameras with person and vehicle detection, excellent in home wifi, and many more.

We also try to make sure we ask all the right questions. Many of our customers implement a portion of ideas now, but we wire for their future ideas to make expanding their wifi network or camera system easy in the future.