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New Construction

Forst has been doing new commercial construction since the early 1980s. We have completed all different types of projects from Warehouses, Manufacturing Plants, Downtown Mixed Use, Corporate Office Buildings, Medical Buildings, Sports Facilities, Club Houses, Commercial Pools, and many more.

Forst can provide a unique perspective. Having completed a few of their own commercial projects, they’re able to see it from the owner perspective as well. Providing recommendations on how to reduce long term mateniece and management costs. As well as using their knowledge of products to eliminate subscription fees for cameras, door access products, and many more items as well.

Forst is also very hands on. Their staff is well versed in many facets, and is able to provide insights into structural, MEP, and finish aspects of construction. This knowledge provides an exceptional foresight into potential issues on that may arise throughout construction. This foresight and knowledge helps save Forst’s customers time and money while also ensuring a better finished product.

Office Interiors

From big to small Forst has done it all. Forst has extensive experience with Corporate Office Fit outs and Renovations, as well as completing small office space fit outs, and front end offices for manufacturing as well.

Forst has done many medical suites, sound stages, and music studios. All of which adhere to exceptionally high standards when it comes to sound. Our experience understanding wall assemblys, and STC ratings helps of provide our expertise on these types of projects, as well as provide these types of assemblies to regular offices as well.

Tenant Fit Out

For a long time, a large part of Forst’s business has been tenant fit outs. This includes everythign from gyms, bakeries, restaruants, bakeries, retail, dance studios, and many more.

Forst is great at working with Landlords and Tenants to ensure both parties are properly satisfied throughout the course of a project.

Forst can provide value engineering and many recommendations a long the way. With many architects leaning on Forst for product specifications, and details as well.

Management & Maintenance

Forst began management of their own properties and because of their success has gone on to manage other’s properties as well. Anywhere from rent collection, lawn care, snow removal, exterior maintenance, and more Forst can handle.

Also, many of our customers have us just maintaining their buildings, each month, or year completing a series of preventive maintenance to help avoid any large future deficiencies in the building or property.

Developing & Planning

Forst has lots of first hand experience with planning and developing projects. Often Forst is contacted early on to help assemble the right team for a project which may include Architects, Engineers, Planners, Land Use Attorneys’, Designers, and so on. Forst is a great place to start because having done these types of things themselves and for others many times, they know how to avoid the pitfalls upfront.

Forst also values honesty, and will express their honest thoughts on whether an investment project may even be viable, putting their potential financial gains aside for the well being of the customer.